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Top Touch is a full-service Residential General Contractor. We help businesses in the construction and real estate industries, as well as individual property owners in Edmonton, and on residential property, including painting, installing plumbing fixtures, kitchen and bathroom remodeling and general carpentry tasks. Top Touch Construction create an environment where we plan, organize and execute the project to meet and conform to your objectives. Our qualified contractors are equipped with knowledge and experience to help you implement your vision in your next project. 

Our Residential Services  


We are professional drywall Installers. We provide a drywall repair and offer a wide range of Residential and Commercial Drywall services including new construction and renovation.


 Kitchen Remodel

A kitchen requires a quality finish designed to withstand the daily household routine. A well designed kitchen can transform your constant daily usage by providing a functional and efficient space for your family. 


Our professionalism allows us to provide a variety of residential and commercial painting, renovation painting, property management, housing co-ops and strata painting services.

Bathroom Remodel 

bathrooms is the central point of any house as they are essential and often the most used area. We deliver the quality you deserve by top qualified trades in-house. We provide a 

Flooring and Carpet 

We take pride in offering high quality tile work and highest quality materials to make your floor more beautiful. 

Electrical Work and Installation

Our partners and contractors offer all types of electrical installations from commercial electrical wiring to residential electrical installations


You can choose how your home will look like, help us modernize your home  

We love to take and show pictures to the world.